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The Bittiq SDK is available for Android (Kotlin) and iOS (Swift) as pluggable frameworks. Please refer to the specific documentation page per platform.

There are two flavours of SDK per platform: Mock and Production. While both flavours implement exactly the same application programming interface, the mock version does not execute the network calls to the Bittiq backend. Instead it provides self-contained mock-data that can be used to explore how the SDK works, and to enable quick prototyping of a customer journey. This minimises the start-up cost of actually getting started with the SDK and can be done in isolation of Bittiq. When ready, the mock version can easily be switched out for the production version. You will then need to supply the hostname of the Bittiq backend you wish to use as well as an API key. Both of which Bittiq can provide on demand.

As of this moment, the mock SDK does not filter results based on the input parameters (such as date, type, account ids etc). The only input parameters that are respected are resource ids that are used to retrieve specific data. For example, if you want to retrieve a specific subscription or bank account details.

So using the mock version is simple. It allows you to postpone integration with our backend and your own SSO mechanism, whilst enabling you to focus on the customer journey. So use the mock SDK to find out what can be achieved with our SDK. For use of the production SDK please don't hesitate to contact us!