sdk / com.bittiq.sdk / BittiqSdk / getTransactions


fun getTransactions(accountIds: Array<String>? = null, startAt: Date? = null, endAt: Date? = null, search: String? = null, limit: Int? = null, cursor: String? = null): BittiqTask<PagedData<List<Transaction>>>

Retrieve transactions.


accountIds - array of account id's to filter the transactions for.

startAt - retrieve transactions that were done on, or after this date.

endAt - retrieve transactions that were done on, or before this date, inclusive.

search - search in transactions counterparty name and description.

limit - limits the amount of transactions that are returned. Defaults to 10. Will never return more then 50 results in a single page.

cursor - optional, each result of the getTransactions method contains a PagedData.previousCursor and a PagedData.nextCursor which can be used to get the previous and next page respectively. When the PagedData.previousCursor or PagedData.nextCursor is null it means that there is no previous/next page available.